Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Home School Music Class -- a nontraditional path to music education.

Band is an important part of America’s collective grade school nostalgia.  Many of my memories about school involve band, recitals, and hours of practice.  I had to practice on our apartment balcony sometimes, and frankly I enjoyed that much more than my neighbors.  Band is part of our grade school tradition.

But what happens when traditional schools no long fit you or your student?  Unsatisfied with the curriculum and disappointed at the political failures that are hurting schools all over the country, we’ve opted give it a go.  This year we are making the move to a virtual school – a home school.

Our home school curriculum, from K12, offers music as an elective in some areas.  This means that the nontraditional route doesn’t require abandoning all of our traditions.  It is very liberating.  The music course offered through our virtual school requires additional fees.  But we feel those fees will be well worth the smaller class size, even one on one sometimes.  The true drawback is that these classes require the student to provide their own instrument. 

Rent an instrument or buy one?  It is true that we could buy a used instrument.  But not a very good one, and who knows how it was treated or if it was even cleaned before being sold again.  And who knows how long our student will be interested? What if he’s a natural?  Could we afford to step up?  Renting was our choice.

So tell us, is your student enrolled in traditional school or home school?

By J. True Anderson
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