Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Top 5 Best Marching Band Movies

1.  Drumline.
Surprised? We weren’t either. The 2002 film highlighted what most band members already knew; that participating in the marching band was cool. The main storyline is about a freshman drummer, played by Nick Cannon, who attends a fictional Atlanta A&T University. During his journey, he joins the schools drum line, however, feuds with the leader, and eventually exposes his darkest secret. Of course, along the way, Cannon finds love, conflict, and success, yet, that is not why this movie has reached number one on our list.

We love this movie because it was the first, and one of the only, movies to truly draw attention to the marching band. Another reason that this movie has reached number one is because of its use of high school and college marching band students across the country.

2. From the 50 Yard Line

Not our conventional movie, but documentaries deserve a little credit too, especially From the 50 Yard Line. This documentary tells the stories of two high schools marching bands, one out of Ohio and one out of Los Angeles. We see each life-changing event, through band camp, the marching season, and the 2006 competitions. Viewers are thrown into the lives of each student, showing off their disciplined practice, as well as their technical artistry.

The realness and emotion of this movie is what lands it at our number two spot.

3. Mr. Holland’s Opus.
The 1995 movie is presented in a video biography style of Mr. Glenn Holland, who is a talented musician and composer. After performing as a professional musical for many years, exhausted Mr. Holland wants to spend more time with his young wife, and decides to accept a teaching position. Many conflicts arise, however, the most difficult being when Mr. Holland finds out that his son is severely hearing impaired, making his dream of teaching him music, impossible. As Mr. Holland grows further and further apart from his family, he throws himself into his work, changing the lives of hundreds of students.

The emotional tale of Mr. Holland is why this movie is our number three on our list.

4. The Music Man.
The 1962 musical film is a classic in American history. Set in 1912, Harold Hill posts as a traveling band instructor, only with the intention to scam the River City, Iowa residents out of money. The town pays Hill to create a boys marching band, complete with instruments, uniforms, and musical instruction. Throughout the musical, Hill finds love, friendship, and eventually conflict when his plan is revealed. Yet, when the boys come to Hill’s defense, with a new found musical talent, all is forgiven, and Harold Hill is a changed man.

The classic film impressed then and now, making it our number four best marching band movie, as well as preserved in the United States National Film Registry.
5. American Pie.
The 1999 movie used sex, drugs, and alcohol, all involving high school students, easily creating controversy heard around the nation. However, it’s most remembered scandal was the one involving band camp, making it our number five top best marching band movie. American Pie’s sexual references towards band camps set the reputation of marching bands on fire, creating scandal and humor.

Written by: Patricia Freeman @rentmyinstrum


  1. The Music Man is probably the best of these ;D I love it!

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  3. Life is Beautiful always makes me cry too! They played our fabulous Edmonton Folk Fest last summer. Another reason to love NCT members.

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