Monday, September 10, 2012

Military Families on the Move Choose

September 11th is less than a day away, and there are many great tributes going on nationwide. Tributes and memorials serve as wonderful ways to remember those who serve our nation and risk their lives. Communities have done a wonderful job remembering the individuals, who have given their lives in the name of freedom. Some businesses even provide military discounts, which is 100% awesome. 

At, we too want to provide great value to the families who serve our country. A military mom called into our customer service in 2011 and said 

"We really appreciate that you've let us keep renting from you, even through we keep moving..." 

Upon further followup, we quickly realized a common thread among many military families, is the frequency of times they move. This customer explained that she was going to have to tell her son that she could not afford to buy an instrument, and that he would have to join something else, rather than get involved with beginning band, since the local music store told her they would not rent her an instrument. 

Traditionally, a local music store provides a rental program that requires you to live locally around that music store. With, your home location is only important to us when we ship your instrument. This flexibility allows relocating families the ability to rent an instrument despite changing cities or moving out of state. Nearly all other families who plan to continue living in the area they currently live, have the benefit of renting an instrument vs buying an instrument, however a family on the move does not have that luxury. At we are proud to provide a small benefit to the families who gives their lives. Please thank a veteran today! 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Need an Instrument ASAP?

Need a musical instrument ASAP?
Summer is over. 
Back to school has begun. 
Beginning band & Orchestra is here, and suddenly you need an instrument in your hands ASAP.

A common Problem
Many local music stores will tell you that the earlier you stop by the store, the better selection you will have to pick from. Once the back-to-school demand for instrument begins, selection shrinks. This means the brands you want, or maybe the best conditioned instruments are already out of rent, leaving you with little or no option. So how do you get an instrument ASAP?

A Solution with Selection provides a warehouse sized selection, keeping deep stock in all the usual instruments: Clarinets, flutes, trombones, trumpets, saxophones, violins, cellos, and many more for school band and orchestra. This way, our customers can shop online, anytime, and order the instrument of their choice.

A Solution with Speed (with FREE SHIPPING TOO) shipping and distribution warehouse is located in Kansas City. That means the neighboring states, will get the instrument they chose today, by UPS tomorrow. Worst case scenarios, shipping could take 3-4 days through our standard free shipping if a consumer is located on the East or West coast of the United States. In the event you need it even faster, provides other shipping options to ensure your instrument is in your hands ASAP!

Going Above and Beyond: Quality, & 50% Discount Purchase decided to revolutionize the instrument rental world by providing the highest quality of instruments for rent. What does this mean? Where many other organizations are renting instruments that they bought in the 1970s or 1980s, the will only rent NEW or LIKE NEW instruments. The maximum number of seasons an instrument is on rent for us, is 2 years—which we feel (and band directors and parents tell us) is a drastic improvement for a 2 decade old instrument rental.
Our 50% Discount Purchase Option is the cornerstone feature in the best rent-to-own instrument rental program nationwide, at ANYTIME. Many people will agree, or be frustrated when their complicated rental contact has a minimum number of months that the student must rent the instrument, or a one-time buyout clause that if not acted upon in that 13th month, you will be locked into renting for the next 2 years. At we don’t have fine print in our contracts, and we provide flexibility. Customers can switch instruments at anytime, return their instrument anytime, or utilize their 50% discount purchase option at anytime. We find many parents around the 3rd to 6th month of renting have seen their son or daughters commitment to the instrument, and now are ready to buy the instrument. With the 50% option means you can buy your instrument for HALF OFF your current balance. This means parents are getting the flexibility and affordability benefits from renting an instrument, but also getting a rare steep discount on a great instrument. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How to take care of your saxophone

How to take care of your Saxophone

After playing the saxophone should be swabbed out to remove moisture created by the condensation from blowing air thru the instrument.  There are several saxophone swabs manufactured that will have a piece of chamois or soft cloth attached to a string which is weighted at the opposite end so it can be dropped thru the instrument and then the chamois or cloth portion can be pulled thru to remove the moisture. Once this process is completed many sax players like to use pad savers which can be inserted into the instruments to help draw any moisture from the pads.  A soft polish cloth can be used to remove finger prints from the keys and outer portions of the saxophone.
Saxophone mouthpieces can be cleaned with a mouthpiece brush specifically designed for this purpose.  Generally, sax mouthpieces can also be cleaned with warm water.   Saxophone necks have a tenon cork which will occasionally need cork grease to prevent the cork from drying out and provide lubrication when sliding the mouthpiece onto the neck.  Cork grease is sold in small tubes that look like chap stick.

Woodwind players will need to have their instruments regulated by a professional repair technician on occasion because the key assemblies will gradually come out of adjustment and affect the playability.   Over time, pads, corks and felts will also wear out and need replaced.   Like all mechanical things, woodwind instruments require occasional repair and replacement of parts which become worn with use.

If you're thinking about renting a saxophone, check out the latest discount programs available at

Friday, August 17, 2012

Best Student Clarinets for Beginning Band

Clarinets are one of the most popular instruments in any band room or student concert event. The unique sound created by the air vibrating the single reed. The long slender cylinder (made of resonite plastic or Grenadilla wood) uses a number of holes and keys to manipulate the sound and produce notes.  If a person is interested in playing the clarinet (or even if you're interested in playing the saxophone but your band director prefers you starting with the clarinet), choosing the right clarinet can make a big difference in your experience. Budget and sound can often be two criteria that can hand in hand, but we hope this article takes the guesswork out of wondering. Combining our 100+ years of teaching band and working with band directors, and combining the preferences of thousands of band directors and student experiences nationwide, we have come up with a list of the best student clarinets.

Recommended Beginner Clarients
Jupiter 637N  or Jupiter 635N
BAC Best American Craftsman Apprentice Clarinet
Selmer CL301
Vito 7242

Featured to the left is a BAC which includes one of the nicest instrument carrying case you'll find on the market.

Recommended Intermediate Clarinets

Jupiter 737NTO
Buffet E11
Selmer CL211

Jupiter 931S
Buffet R13

If you're thinking about playing the clarinet, you are probably wondering if you should buy one, or rent one. Renting a Clarinet vs Buying a clarinet in years past often meant a rental would be an older model. intentionally only allows NEW or LIKE NEW clarinets into the market and into the band rooms. Our LIKE NEW clarinets have had maybe a few months of use or at a maximum, 2 seasons of play and then inspected. If it meets our standard of quality and sounds, feels and looks just like a brand new one, we will let it be rented. Additionally, we make sure parents and students know exactly what clarinet they are getting, so they can be sure to get exactly what their teachers want them to get.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Another Testimonial

"I have played the trumpet for over 40 years and have had dozens of trumpets from intermediate to pro. In fact, I have two nationally distributed CD's to my credit. The JUPITER 1000S that I now have is as good if not better than any I have ever owned. The fit and finish is awesome. The valve action is silky smooth. But more importantly it plays in tune, slots extremely well and has a gorgeous open and velvety sound! My lovely wife even noticed the difference!!

My experience in dealing with RENTMYINSTRUMENT.COM has been PERFECT, I highly recommend them for your next instrument rental or purchase." -- Dr. Paul V.

Thank you Dr. Paul V., We are glad that you love your new Jupiter Trumpet, and glad we could be a resource for your trumpet purchase. Thanks so much for your business!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Your Student wants to play the Saxophone, now what?

So your Student wants to play the Saxophone, now what? 
If your student will be joining the school band program check with the band director to make sure saxophone is an appropriate choice.  Some beginning band programs start students who are interested in playing saxophone, on the clarinet (so make sure you check with your band director). Many schools have some type of instrument try-out procedures to help young students select which instrument to play based on physical characteristics, desire and the need to have a balanced instrumentation in the band program. An important part of learning to play any musical instrument is the desire and motivation to commit to the daily practice required to learn the skill sets and parents should help their child develop a regular practice schedule and encourage progress.  Be positive and let your child know they are making good progress….never make fun of the odd sounds beginners will make in the early stages.   Your encouragement and praise will be very meaningful to your child. If you're not sure if you're ready to buy and instrument, renting a saxophone can be a great choice. RentMYinstrument provides a month to month rental program, and an early 50% discount program. You can view available saxophones 

Online Instrument Rental with 50% discount

If you happened to use the internet to make your purchasing decisions, you'll find that not all places are equal. Only one website, offers ALL the features parents and band directors want in an instrument rental program. Headquartered in Kansas City, provides name brand instruments, at affordable prices, and provides consumers the flexibility to choose when they want to buy their instrument. You can rent for just one month and return your instrument without any questions asked, or rent for two months, or three months, and buy your instrument out. Most school band rental programs require a minimum rental contract, and a 10% to a rare 30% discount on buying your instrument from its rental contract. One place, offers the 50% discount.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Where to Rent Musical Instruments during Back to School season

Need an instrument soon? 
Back to school is a time of summer ending, and parents starting new routines. Maybe it's packing lunches again for their kids, or juggling a new driver as a son or daughter, but back to school means a need for the right supplies. If it's art class, most people feel art supplies are pretty standard. There might be an art supply store in town, or one of the big office supply stores might have some. But when a son or daughter comes home as says "I think I want to play a musical instrument," finding the right musical instrument is usually a much larger financial decision. If you have a student that wants to join band, or is considering a beginning band class, they probably have a band director who has helped determine which musical instrument is right for them. Maybe its the flute, or clarinet, or maybe your son or daughter is right for the trumpet or trombone. If you've decided to support your students personal growth in music, you'll want to make the best decision as to what instrument you get and where you're getting that instrument.  

There might be a local music store in town that offers musical instruments. Some stores have a variety of brands and a lot choices. The common question is "Should I rent or should I buy my students musical instrument?" You can truly get the best of both worlds with 

Why We offer the ability to rent instruments, and still provide an option for that instrument to be bought at a 50% discount off the remaining balance at anytime. You can rent your instrument for as many or as few months as you'd like. Parents appreciate that they control the timing on when buying an instrument makes sense through the rentMYinstrument naturally flexible program, and nations best rent-to-own instrument program. Watch this video to see other reasons why might be the right place for you! 

Monday, July 30, 2012

Selecting the Right Student Trombone

Probably one of the most fun instruments from a distance, is the Trombone. The sliding mechanism on a trombone plus the sound, and the animated musicians often shown in a Jazz performance, are just some of the reasons the trombone is a popular with beginning band students. If you yourself are interested, or your son or daughter is interested in getting started to play the trombone, you'll want to steer clear of "knock off" manufacturers. Often times to the eye, an instrument may look great, however the sound or ability to stand up to normal wear will not be present. Band Directors generally have a preferred list of trombones for students to choose from. After 30+ years as music educators ourself, and working with music educators and band directors, we have come up with our recommended list of beginner trombones.

B.A.C. Best American Craftsman Apprentice BAC-SL300 Student Trombone
(to rent one, click here)

Jupiter 332 L Student Trombone
(to rent one, click here)

Jupiter 432 L Student Trombone
(to rent one, click here)

Conn TB301 Student Trombone
(to rent one, click here)

Conn TB600 Student Trombone
(to rent one, click here)

New Artists such as Trombone Shorty, Rebirth Brass Band, and Big Sam all have significantly breathed new life into the trombone as an instrument. Their New Orleans style, paired with their sound, energy, entertainment and fan following, have raised the awareness of this brass instrument. Besides New Orleans, one of the instrumental commonalities between these artists, is the fact that they all exclusively play on B.A.C. or Best American Craftsman trombones. (to see more about the B.A.C. click here)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Best Beginner Student Saxophones

Best American Craftsman
Student Saxophone
Beginner Saxophones for Students

The B.A.C.-AP-AS (Best   American Craftsman, Apprentice Series) featured to the right is also an outstanding beginner saxophone with high F#, blued steel springs and a ProLine Series case. The case not only protects the instrument, but features a stylish cosmetic look and durability normally reserved for professional musicians   B.A.C. is headquartered in Olathe Kansas, and all instruments designed by Master Craftsman, Michael Corrigan. The video of the B.A.C. video shows off the brilliance of the craftsmanship and already, students and band directors are recognizing this as an emerging brand of choice in beginning band. 

Jupiter 769GN Student Saxophone

The Jupiter 769GN (featured to the left is an excellent beginner saxophone) and includes the high F# , adjustable thumb rest, metal tone boosters and a wood frame case.

Selmer AS600 Saxophone

The Selmer AS600 Aristocrat is also an excellent choice for beginners, and has been recommended and a top brand of choice for decades by band directors and musicians. This saxophone includes the high F#. 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Sauders Sermons Interview: Band as a Good Outlet

Sauders Sermons Interview 7.16.2012

Saunders Sermons
3124 Gillham Plaza, Kansas City, MO 64019 at the headquarters
Miami, Florida
Where do you live now?
Atlanta, Georgia
What instrument do you play?
Trombone, Singer
B.A.C. Best American Craftsman custom Trombone
How did you get exposed to music?
I started playing in my grandfather’s church, was playing drums, at 3 years old, and an older cousins that was about 15 years older, took me under his wing… then I picked up the trombone at 11.
Who were some of the most influential mentors as you were growing up?  
Mr. Tyrone O’Neil and Richard Beckford. They were my middle school and high school music teachers…and these guys lit the fire within me and inspired me.  
What is one of the most important lessons you learned?
“when I went to NY, my professor Jimmy Owens, a great Jazz Trumpet player, said, “Said make sure you can play any music style, and never get boxed in””
Who are some people you’ve enjoyed playing with?
I’ve had the privilege to play with … Roy Hogrow (jazz trumpeter), RNB saxophone player Mike Phillips, JZ, PDiddy, Mary J Blidge, recorded with Fantasia, and I got a Grammy with Maxwell. I’ve also played with Tyler Perry and now I’m touring with the Tedeschi Trucks Band.
When is the show here in KC
The show is tomorrow night, 7/17/2012 at the Uptown Theater, in Kansas City, MO.
What are you working on now?
I’m working on new project, called Alpha. I already have a jazz vocal project called Classic Delight, itunes,, and CDBaby.  
How often are you gigging?
“For the last 6 years, I’m gigging constantly, from January to December … about 4 nights a week.”
What advice do you have for young kids considering joining band?
My advice is “I think band is a good outlet for young people who are creative; even if they don’t play forever, at least they’ll always have an appreciation for music and an ear for good music… they’ll go to different concerts because they were exposed to music.”
One day…
The more successful I have an opportunity to become, I just want to keep helping little kids more and more, and help get them to where I am.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

What is a Mute?

What is a Mute?

Mutes are devices fitted to musical instruments to alter the sound or timbre.   Common trumpet mutes are the straight mute, cup mute, Harmon mute, wah-wah mute, bucket mute and plunger mute.  Each creates its own unique and distinctive timbre of sound.  The type of material has a great deal to do with the mute’s sound quality and price.   Layered paper mutes are much less expensive than metal mutes.  Some metal mutes incorporate copper to mellow the muted sound.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Finding a teacher for Private Music lessons

How to Find A teacher for Private Music Lessons

Teachers can be located by contacting local school band directors, music stores, and colleges and universities.  They will have a teacher or specialist on staff or will usually know contact information for recommended teachers in the area. In the last couple of years, the internet has allowed for some great strides in the music industry. Not only can you now Rent A Clarinet but you can also find your next private music teacher by checking out (

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Employers & Investors: How to Attract Top Talent

Employers & Investors: How to Attract Top Talent

Like many music educators I‘ve neatly tucked away file drawers full of fascinating articles and reports about music and the diverse impacts it has in our lives and world cultures.  The following information was assembled years ago by Malcolm W. Browne in a published article “The Intimate Links Between Music And The Lab.”   The page has become faded and it’s impossible to see what the publication or publication date was…..but the information still resonates with the awesome power of music and I paraphrase some of it here for your enjoyment.

Scientists and music lovers celebrated the 100th anniversary of the death of Borodin…the occasion prompting some musing upon the wondrous wiring of the human brain.  Technical publications like Chemical & Engineering News reminded readers that it was Borodin who discovered a lab technique for uniting fluorine atoms with carbon atoms, thereby founding an interesting new family of compounds. His discovery helped spawn a host of useful things including Freon and Teflon.

But among non-chemists, Borodin is remembered for achievements that have nothing to do with hair spray, refrigerators or non-stick frying pans.  A self-described “Sunday composer” with an extraordinary gift for music, he found time in his short life to compose “Prince Igor” as well as a couple of symphonies and some beautiful chamber music.

Music and science have been associated in more than mere casual ways for centuries.  Pythagoras, the 5th Century BC Greek mathematician discovered that the square of the hypotenuse of a right triangle equals the sum of the squares of the other two sides is also believed to have discovered the major intervals in a musical scale by dividing a string into proportional lengths.

Physics and music seem to have a special affinity.   Einstein was a very competent violinist.  Oppenheimer, the physicist who headed the Los Alamos Laboratory and atomic bomb project was particularly fond of Beethoven symphonies.  Edward Teller, who later became Oppenheimer’s arch rival, used to keep colleagues at Los Alamos awake by playing Beethoven sonatas on a piano in his thin-walled barracks quarters.

Among the better university orchestras in the United States is that of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where some 80% of the players are majoring in science or engineering, and the orchestra performs some of the giant symphonies of Mahler and Bruckner.  Maureen Burford, their manager, thinks “many of them would have ended up at Julliard if they hadn’t come here.”

Serious music is widely recognized as an important ingredient in the sustenance of scientific creativity.  At Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Illinois, a concert hall is part of the working plant.  Director Leon Lederman says “we realized from the outset that to lure first-rate physicists to this country from the great laboratories in Europe would mean competing at a cultural level as well as a professional level.”

Guitar Hero and Rock Band aren’t only being played in living rooms, they’ve found countless hours in the creative brainstorming rooms of Silicon Valley startups. The youngest tech stars, the brightest IT skills, to coding kings, to visionary entrepreneurs, music can be the fuel to get the creative juices going.

In our high tech world recruiters and business leaders have recognized that locating in communities where there is investment and commitment to the arts, particularly music, is vital to attracting the best from the talent pool.  Just like a piano or musical instrument needs to be tuned to play its best notes, adding musical opportunities in the workplace can be your silver bullet to tune your recruiting and attract the top talent.  

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tryouts to Play on KC's Arrowhead Field this Saturday

Have you ever wanted to play on the field at Arrowhead?

Does game day at the Kansas City Chiefs get you a bit excited? If you're able to bench 500+ pounds or run a sub 4.60 40 yard dash time, then maybe you're ready to play professional football. However, those athletic stats still won't qualify you to earn a uniform with the Kansas City Chief's Rumble. Drumlines are a common college gameday experience, and the growth of drumlines in the NFL has begun. Early adopters, such as the Kansas City Chiefs have already added their own drumline. Thanks to, the official sponsor of the Chiefs Rumble, all musical motivation created by musicians are all on instruments provided by The Chiefs Rumble is led by Matt Arnett, a talented musician and instructor. Arnett stopped by 3124 Gillham Plaza, the instrument rental headquarters, to begin scoping out the space that will be used for the Rumble Tryouts. Arnett said "Each year, the talent is growing and tryouts are getting more competitive. The Chiefs Rumble continues to be a leader in NFL Drumlines, and can be seen each home game at Arrowhead." Football fans and those who appreciate great music all agree that The Rumble truly enhances the gameday experience. For the musicians in the Rumble, getting a chance to play in front of nearly 80,000 screaming fans is a rare opportunity.

Tryouts for the Chiefs Rumble are this Saturday, June 16th from 9am to 12pm and from Wednesday June 20th at 5:30 until 8:30pm. The tryouts are hosted at's headquarter facility at 3124 Gillham Plaza, Kansas City, MO 64109. 

Chiefs Rumble Application Link: 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Cellist Wins Miss America Pageant

Miss Rhode Island wins Pageant

More and more people in the lime light have been tracing the roots of their success back to qualities such as discipline, or well-roundedness. It’s no surprise that the 61st Annual Miss USA Pageant, comes from musical roots, particularly, the cello. Miss Rhode Island, Olivia Culpo, was crowned as the new pageant queen Sunday night in Las Vegas. As part of her background, Olivia told stories of the way she spent her summers, which resembles many other kids, attending band camps, practicing her instrument, and furthering her love of the cello. Culpo added that even though at the age of 20, she had 13 years of experience playing the cello.  

Now that Memorial Day weekend has passed and summer has begun, Band Camps are in full swing and students are furthering their musicial talents. Many beginning orchestra or band students and their parents are often faced with the decision, should I buy a cello or rent a cello. provides great rental options on Orchestra instruments, especially the Cello.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5 Top Celebrity Quotes about Music Education

Top 5 Quotes About Music Education

After more than three decades as a music educator I’ve read literally hundreds of quotes from politicians (including several presidents), famous actors and entertainers, and prominent business people and industry leaders.   These five are my favorites because they provide simple, yet profound, insight and understanding that music education is far more than just about learning to play music:  music is the vehicle that brings us so much more. 

During the Gulf War, the few opportunities I had for relaxation I always listened to music, and it brought me great peace of mind.  I have shared my love of music with people throughout this world, while listening to the drums and special instruments of the Far East, Middle East, Africa, the Caribbean, and the Far North, and all of this started with the music appreciation course that I was taught in a third grade elementary class in Princeton, New Jersey.  What a tragedy it would be if we lived in a world where music was not taught to children.
General H. Norman Schwarzhopf
United States Army

Should we not be putting all our emphasis on reading, writing, and math? The “back to basics curricula,” while it has merit, ignores the most urgent void in our present system – absence of self-discipline.  The arts, inspiring – indeed requiring – self-discipline, may be more “basic” to our nation’s survival than traditional credit courses.  Presently, we are spending 29 times more on science than on the arts, and the result so far is worldwide intellectual embarrassment.
Paul Harvey
Syndicated Radio Show Host

A grounding in the arts will help our children to see; to bring a uniquely human perspective to science and technology.  In short, it will help them as they grow smarter to also grow wiser.
Robert Allen, Chairman & CEO
AT&T Corporation 

It is our job, as parents, educators, and friends, to see that our young people have the opportunity to attain the thorough education that will prepare them for the future.  Much of that education takes place in the classroom.  We must encourage our youngsters in such pursuits as music education.  In addition to learning the valuable lesson that it takes hard work to achieve success, no matter what the arena, music education can provide students with a strong sense of determination, improved communication skills, and a host of other qualities essential for successful living.
Edward H. Rensi, President & CEO
USA McDonald’s Corporation 

In every successful business….there is one budget line that never gets cut.  It’s called Product Development – and it’s the key to any company’s future growth.  Music education is critical to the product development of this nation’s most important resource – our children.
John Sykes, President