Wednesday, May 9, 2012

30+ year Music Education Veteran weighs in on where to rent a musical instrument

Ralph Weber and the Joy of Music.

As a child I was exposed to music at very young age.  My father was a band director for 37 years, and my mother continues to be a church organist (over 40 years).  

From the first night my Dad brought home my new student trombone to directing bands and choirs as an educator and church choir director, music runs through the Weber Household. All of my children were also fortunate to experience the joy of music.  Each of them either played in band or orchestra and my daughter continues as a music educator today.

My experiences as a musician, educator, and school music dealer have served me well in all my business and social relationships. To see the joy on the face of a young student in middle school band being able to master the “buzzing” and play that first note on a trumpet, to the awkward feeling of holding the violin and drawing a bow across the strings to make that first “screeching sound”, is very satisfying. Helping parents answer the question "where can I rent a musical instrument" has evolved over time. Parents truly have it easier today for SBO rentals (school band and orchestra) using because of the quality, economics, choice and convenience through renting instruments online with our eCommerce platform.

Having spent 30 years traveling around to all sizes of schools in the Midwest and testing children on all the instruments, assisting to develop gives me the opportunity to bring music to more students. After years of servicing students and parents over the counter and face to face, we still have a counter in our showroom at's headquarters, but I use email and the phone to help assist people in their choices and decisions.

Every day brings that new mom or dad to the website looking for a quality instrument at an affordable rental rate for their son or daughter. I enjoy helping parents on renting a trombone, to helping advanced students pick out the right step up instrument. I personally inspect every instrument before it goes to the shipping department making sure everything is setup and ready for instant success.  Many times students fail when they inherit Mom or Dads old smelly clarinet. Being able to provide that name brand quality instrument and not an  “instrument shaped object” gives me great joy and satisfaction.  

Every child should have the opportunity to experience the lifetime of music.

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