Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How to Get into College - A Consistent Theme

Colleges Desire Participation In The Arts

Harvard University:  “The ARTS are clearly an integral part of life at Harvard and Radcliffe, important for their value to the college environment and also for the potential they provide for lifelong enrichment.  In addition to academic criteria, therefore, we always consider extracurricular talents and personal strengths when we evaluate a candidate’s credentials.  We look for students whose previous participation in the ARTS shows that they can make substantial contributions to our community” 

Yale University:  “Qualifications for admissions to Yale University include not only the reasonably well-defined areas of academic achievement and special skill in non-academic areas, but also the less tangible qualities of capacity for involvement, commitment and personal growth.  The ARTS offer remarkable opportunities for the exercise of these qualities.  The highly skilled artist, the student whose intellectual interests include close study of the ARTS, and the many applicants who demonstrate motivation and the willingness to extend their reach through participation in the ARTS, all promise to enhance the quality of life at Yale.” 

Stanford University:  “…..we believe that exposure to the creative and PERFORMING ARTS enhances a student’s intellectual breadth.” 

Cornell University:  “There is no magic formula that ensures admission – or forebodes rejection -  to Cornell University……the ARTS can play an important role.  As we seek students who will make contributions to the Cornell community, where are ARTS are so prevalent, their exposure and experience in high school are highly valued.” 

John Hopkins University:  “The real challenge in selective college admission is not to assemble a class capable of negotiating a rigorous academic curriculum, but one that also will enhance the quality of life on our campus.  Participation in the PEFORMING ARTS during the pre-college years is a clear indication to our admission committee that a student is dedicated to, excited about and engaged in the educational journey.  As such, a background in the ARTS is one factor that helps us choose, among academically qualified students, a class which will avail itself of the many opportunities at Hopkins and will contribute to the life of the University.” 

The University of Michigan:  “Intellectual leaders from Plato to the present have recognized the importance of the ARTS to a thriving civilization.  The University of Michigan joins in recommending the ARTS because of their humanizing influences, their demands for self-discipline, their abilities to evoke idealistic dreams that transcend everyday issues, their effectiveness in reflecting the achievements of diverse peoples, and their capacities to stimulate that most important of all intellectual abilities: creativity.  Perhaps in no past era of our increasingly global civilization have these qualities been more sorely needed than they are today.”

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