Monday, May 14, 2012

Music Educator tells 4 Secrets to Success in Music and Careers

Whese 4-Rs Are The Most Important Of All!
I had amazing jr. high and high school band experiences growing up in a small farming community in southwest Kansas.  We were taught if we consistently applied and stayed dedicated to the 4 R’s (Right Place, Right time, Right materials, Right attitude) that we would be successful both individually and collectively.  We learned if any of these basic tenets were absent that the other three could not make up for the resulting deficits and negative consequences caused by leaving one out, and this incompleteness only served to noticeably diminish progress towards our goals.  By holding one another accountable for these basic 4-Rs we able to not only perform musically at a very high level, but also assimilated these core values into every other aspect of our lives.   This master teacher-band director utilized music as the vehicle to teach us how to excel personally and collectively as an organization.   

As schools have pushed for excellence measured by testing results for the 4-Rs we have consistently heard from business owners and employers that the four basics outlined above are far more important to them.  What good is it to have well educated individuals in the workplace if they don’t arrive on time and have poor attitudes? Certainly, the discipline, focus and dedication required in learning to play a musical instrument and perform flawlessly as part of a large ensemble requires these basic skill sets which are needed more than ever in a society which has become dangerously permeated with an instant gratification and entitlement outlook.  More than ever, we need music in our schools for every child to help teach them these basic fundamentals of human functioning.  Our society may well depend on it.  

Brad Bone
Musician & Music Educator
National Sales Manager -

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