Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tryouts to Play on KC's Arrowhead Field this Saturday

Have you ever wanted to play on the field at Arrowhead?

Does game day at the Kansas City Chiefs get you a bit excited? If you're able to bench 500+ pounds or run a sub 4.60 40 yard dash time, then maybe you're ready to play professional football. However, those athletic stats still won't qualify you to earn a uniform with the Kansas City Chief's Rumble. Drumlines are a common college gameday experience, and the growth of drumlines in the NFL has begun. Early adopters, such as the Kansas City Chiefs have already added their own drumline. Thanks to, the official sponsor of the Chiefs Rumble, all musical motivation created by musicians are all on instruments provided by The Chiefs Rumble is led by Matt Arnett, a talented musician and instructor. Arnett stopped by 3124 Gillham Plaza, the instrument rental headquarters, to begin scoping out the space that will be used for the Rumble Tryouts. Arnett said "Each year, the talent is growing and tryouts are getting more competitive. The Chiefs Rumble continues to be a leader in NFL Drumlines, and can be seen each home game at Arrowhead." Football fans and those who appreciate great music all agree that The Rumble truly enhances the gameday experience. For the musicians in the Rumble, getting a chance to play in front of nearly 80,000 screaming fans is a rare opportunity.

Tryouts for the Chiefs Rumble are this Saturday, June 16th from 9am to 12pm and from Wednesday June 20th at 5:30 until 8:30pm. The tryouts are hosted at's headquarter facility at 3124 Gillham Plaza, Kansas City, MO 64109. 

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