Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How to take care of your saxophone

How to take care of your Saxophone

After playing the saxophone should be swabbed out to remove moisture created by the condensation from blowing air thru the instrument.  There are several saxophone swabs manufactured that will have a piece of chamois or soft cloth attached to a string which is weighted at the opposite end so it can be dropped thru the instrument and then the chamois or cloth portion can be pulled thru to remove the moisture. Once this process is completed many sax players like to use pad savers which can be inserted into the instruments to help draw any moisture from the pads.  A soft polish cloth can be used to remove finger prints from the keys and outer portions of the saxophone.
Saxophone mouthpieces can be cleaned with a mouthpiece brush specifically designed for this purpose.  Generally, sax mouthpieces can also be cleaned with warm water.   Saxophone necks have a tenon cork which will occasionally need cork grease to prevent the cork from drying out and provide lubrication when sliding the mouthpiece onto the neck.  Cork grease is sold in small tubes that look like chap stick.

Woodwind players will need to have their instruments regulated by a professional repair technician on occasion because the key assemblies will gradually come out of adjustment and affect the playability.   Over time, pads, corks and felts will also wear out and need replaced.   Like all mechanical things, woodwind instruments require occasional repair and replacement of parts which become worn with use.

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Best Student Clarinets for Beginning Band

Clarinets are one of the most popular instruments in any band room or student concert event. The unique sound created by the air vibrating the single reed. The long slender cylinder (made of resonite plastic or Grenadilla wood) uses a number of holes and keys to manipulate the sound and produce notes.  If a person is interested in playing the clarinet (or even if you're interested in playing the saxophone but your band director prefers you starting with the clarinet), choosing the right clarinet can make a big difference in your experience. Budget and sound can often be two criteria that can hand in hand, but we hope this article takes the guesswork out of wondering. Combining our 100+ years of teaching band and working with band directors, and combining the preferences of thousands of band directors and student experiences nationwide, we have come up with a list of the best student clarinets.

Recommended Beginner Clarients
Jupiter 637N  or Jupiter 635N
BAC Best American Craftsman Apprentice Clarinet
Selmer CL301
Vito 7242

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Recommended Intermediate Clarinets

Jupiter 737NTO
Buffet E11
Selmer CL211

Jupiter 931S
Buffet R13

If you're thinking about playing the clarinet, you are probably wondering if you should buy one, or rent one. Renting a Clarinet vs Buying a clarinet in years past often meant a rental would be an older model. intentionally only allows NEW or LIKE NEW clarinets into the market and into the band rooms. Our LIKE NEW clarinets have had maybe a few months of use or at a maximum, 2 seasons of play and then inspected. If it meets our standard of quality and sounds, feels and looks just like a brand new one, we will let it be rented. Additionally, we make sure parents and students know exactly what clarinet they are getting, so they can be sure to get exactly what their teachers want them to get.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Another Testimonial

"I have played the trumpet for over 40 years and have had dozens of trumpets from intermediate to pro. In fact, I have two nationally distributed CD's to my credit. The JUPITER 1000S that I now have is as good if not better than any I have ever owned. The fit and finish is awesome. The valve action is silky smooth. But more importantly it plays in tune, slots extremely well and has a gorgeous open and velvety sound! My lovely wife even noticed the difference!!

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Your Student wants to play the Saxophone, now what?

So your Student wants to play the Saxophone, now what? 
If your student will be joining the school band program check with the band director to make sure saxophone is an appropriate choice.  Some beginning band programs start students who are interested in playing saxophone, on the clarinet (so make sure you check with your band director). Many schools have some type of instrument try-out procedures to help young students select which instrument to play based on physical characteristics, desire and the need to have a balanced instrumentation in the band program. An important part of learning to play any musical instrument is the desire and motivation to commit to the daily practice required to learn the skill sets and parents should help their child develop a regular practice schedule and encourage progress.  Be positive and let your child know they are making good progress….never make fun of the odd sounds beginners will make in the early stages.   Your encouragement and praise will be very meaningful to your child. If you're not sure if you're ready to buy and instrument, renting a saxophone can be a great choice. RentMYinstrument provides a month to month rental program, and an early 50% discount program. You can view available saxophones 

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Where to Rent Musical Instruments during Back to School season

Need an instrument soon? 
Back to school is a time of summer ending, and parents starting new routines. Maybe it's packing lunches again for their kids, or juggling a new driver as a son or daughter, but back to school means a need for the right supplies. If it's art class, most people feel art supplies are pretty standard. There might be an art supply store in town, or one of the big office supply stores might have some. But when a son or daughter comes home as says "I think I want to play a musical instrument," finding the right musical instrument is usually a much larger financial decision. If you have a student that wants to join band, or is considering a beginning band class, they probably have a band director who has helped determine which musical instrument is right for them. Maybe its the flute, or clarinet, or maybe your son or daughter is right for the trumpet or trombone. If you've decided to support your students personal growth in music, you'll want to make the best decision as to what instrument you get and where you're getting that instrument.  

There might be a local music store in town that offers musical instruments. Some stores have a variety of brands and a lot choices. The common question is "Should I rent or should I buy my students musical instrument?" You can truly get the best of both worlds with 

Why We offer the ability to rent instruments, and still provide an option for that instrument to be bought at a 50% discount off the remaining balance at anytime. You can rent your instrument for as many or as few months as you'd like. Parents appreciate that they control the timing on when buying an instrument makes sense through the rentMYinstrument naturally flexible program, and nations best rent-to-own instrument program. Watch this video to see other reasons why might be the right place for you!