Friday, August 17, 2012

Best Student Clarinets for Beginning Band

Clarinets are one of the most popular instruments in any band room or student concert event. The unique sound created by the air vibrating the single reed. The long slender cylinder (made of resonite plastic or Grenadilla wood) uses a number of holes and keys to manipulate the sound and produce notes.  If a person is interested in playing the clarinet (or even if you're interested in playing the saxophone but your band director prefers you starting with the clarinet), choosing the right clarinet can make a big difference in your experience. Budget and sound can often be two criteria that can hand in hand, but we hope this article takes the guesswork out of wondering. Combining our 100+ years of teaching band and working with band directors, and combining the preferences of thousands of band directors and student experiences nationwide, we have come up with a list of the best student clarinets.

Recommended Beginner Clarients
Jupiter 637N  or Jupiter 635N
BAC Best American Craftsman Apprentice Clarinet
Selmer CL301
Vito 7242

Featured to the left is a BAC which includes one of the nicest instrument carrying case you'll find on the market.

Recommended Intermediate Clarinets

Jupiter 737NTO
Buffet E11
Selmer CL211

Jupiter 931S
Buffet R13

If you're thinking about playing the clarinet, you are probably wondering if you should buy one, or rent one. Renting a Clarinet vs Buying a clarinet in years past often meant a rental would be an older model. intentionally only allows NEW or LIKE NEW clarinets into the market and into the band rooms. Our LIKE NEW clarinets have had maybe a few months of use or at a maximum, 2 seasons of play and then inspected. If it meets our standard of quality and sounds, feels and looks just like a brand new one, we will let it be rented. Additionally, we make sure parents and students know exactly what clarinet they are getting, so they can be sure to get exactly what their teachers want them to get.

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