Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How to take care of your saxophone

How to take care of your Saxophone

After playing the saxophone should be swabbed out to remove moisture created by the condensation from blowing air thru the instrument.  There are several saxophone swabs manufactured that will have a piece of chamois or soft cloth attached to a string which is weighted at the opposite end so it can be dropped thru the instrument and then the chamois or cloth portion can be pulled thru to remove the moisture. Once this process is completed many sax players like to use pad savers which can be inserted into the instruments to help draw any moisture from the pads.  A soft polish cloth can be used to remove finger prints from the keys and outer portions of the saxophone.
Saxophone mouthpieces can be cleaned with a mouthpiece brush specifically designed for this purpose.  Generally, sax mouthpieces can also be cleaned with warm water.   Saxophone necks have a tenon cork which will occasionally need cork grease to prevent the cork from drying out and provide lubrication when sliding the mouthpiece onto the neck.  Cork grease is sold in small tubes that look like chap stick.

Woodwind players will need to have their instruments regulated by a professional repair technician on occasion because the key assemblies will gradually come out of adjustment and affect the playability.   Over time, pads, corks and felts will also wear out and need replaced.   Like all mechanical things, woodwind instruments require occasional repair and replacement of parts which become worn with use.

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