Monday, August 13, 2012

Where to Rent Musical Instruments during Back to School season

Need an instrument soon? 
Back to school is a time of summer ending, and parents starting new routines. Maybe it's packing lunches again for their kids, or juggling a new driver as a son or daughter, but back to school means a need for the right supplies. If it's art class, most people feel art supplies are pretty standard. There might be an art supply store in town, or one of the big office supply stores might have some. But when a son or daughter comes home as says "I think I want to play a musical instrument," finding the right musical instrument is usually a much larger financial decision. If you have a student that wants to join band, or is considering a beginning band class, they probably have a band director who has helped determine which musical instrument is right for them. Maybe its the flute, or clarinet, or maybe your son or daughter is right for the trumpet or trombone. If you've decided to support your students personal growth in music, you'll want to make the best decision as to what instrument you get and where you're getting that instrument.  

There might be a local music store in town that offers musical instruments. Some stores have a variety of brands and a lot choices. The common question is "Should I rent or should I buy my students musical instrument?" You can truly get the best of both worlds with 

Why We offer the ability to rent instruments, and still provide an option for that instrument to be bought at a 50% discount off the remaining balance at anytime. You can rent your instrument for as many or as few months as you'd like. Parents appreciate that they control the timing on when buying an instrument makes sense through the rentMYinstrument naturally flexible program, and nations best rent-to-own instrument program. Watch this video to see other reasons why might be the right place for you! 

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