Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Your Student wants to play the Saxophone, now what?

So your Student wants to play the Saxophone, now what? 
If your student will be joining the school band program check with the band director to make sure saxophone is an appropriate choice.  Some beginning band programs start students who are interested in playing saxophone, on the clarinet (so make sure you check with your band director). Many schools have some type of instrument try-out procedures to help young students select which instrument to play based on physical characteristics, desire and the need to have a balanced instrumentation in the band program. An important part of learning to play any musical instrument is the desire and motivation to commit to the daily practice required to learn the skill sets and parents should help their child develop a regular practice schedule and encourage progress.  Be positive and let your child know they are making good progress….never make fun of the odd sounds beginners will make in the early stages.   Your encouragement and praise will be very meaningful to your child. If you're not sure if you're ready to buy and instrument, renting a saxophone can be a great choice. RentMYinstrument provides a month to month rental program, and an early 50% discount program. You can view available saxophones http://www.rentmyinstrument.com/altosaxophone 

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