Monday, September 10, 2012

Military Families on the Move Choose

September 11th is less than a day away, and there are many great tributes going on nationwide. Tributes and memorials serve as wonderful ways to remember those who serve our nation and risk their lives. Communities have done a wonderful job remembering the individuals, who have given their lives in the name of freedom. Some businesses even provide military discounts, which is 100% awesome. 

At, we too want to provide great value to the families who serve our country. A military mom called into our customer service in 2011 and said 

"We really appreciate that you've let us keep renting from you, even through we keep moving..." 

Upon further followup, we quickly realized a common thread among many military families, is the frequency of times they move. This customer explained that she was going to have to tell her son that she could not afford to buy an instrument, and that he would have to join something else, rather than get involved with beginning band, since the local music store told her they would not rent her an instrument. 

Traditionally, a local music store provides a rental program that requires you to live locally around that music store. With, your home location is only important to us when we ship your instrument. This flexibility allows relocating families the ability to rent an instrument despite changing cities or moving out of state. Nearly all other families who plan to continue living in the area they currently live, have the benefit of renting an instrument vs buying an instrument, however a family on the move does not have that luxury. At we are proud to provide a small benefit to the families who gives their lives. Please thank a veteran today! 

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