Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Many music educators are familiar with and utilize Smart Music.  Their library of accompaniments is impressive and the interactive apps. are better than ever.  There's a new company evolving called Tutti Player which is a great companion.  Tutti Player basically records some of the finest jazz musicians in the world in a lesson teaching format.   You can download the app. for free and purchase the recordings and then use the app. features to intricately study the technique, stylings, etc.  (including close ups and slow motion).  The concept is based on being able to study the lesson over and over again instead of having a live lesson which ends before the student can fully absorb everything being taught.   For complete information check it out at and if you need a better instrument to help improve your musical skills be sure to check out our Best American Craftsman Artist Series instruments available for purchase or rent to own at

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