Tuesday, July 9, 2013

3 Music Student Parenting Tips

Your child just enrolled for beginning band or beginning orchestra and you are renting an instrument for them to get started.   The musical instrument rental was easy enough, but now what do you do as a parent to support your child and your investment in their education?   Several very easy and basic things can be very helpful: (1) Be encouraging.....those first sounds may be anything but musical so don't make disparaging comments about them...a simple "it sounds like you're starting to figure out your first notes......good job!" will help your child stay focused and work thru the beginner stages.  (2) Several short practice sessions each day are much more productive than one long session....I used to ask students to practice thru 6 television commercials each day.....the results were amazing.   (3)  Check out other support materials and ideas online at the Association of Music Parents.  Just about everything you'll ever need to know is there including information about why having your children involved with music is very likely one of the best parenting decisions you will make for your child's education.

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