Thursday, July 11, 2013

Avoid THIS Music Parenting Mistake

Before a child Quits... make sure to follow these steps!

Probably one of the most frequent reasons heard when parents return beginner rent to own band and orchestra instruments is “no longer wants to participate” or “no longer interested” or “it was a mistake for us to believe our child would stick with this.”  If you’re a parent facing this situation the biggest mistake can be not having a face to face meeting with the music teacher.   Young students frequently will disclose a reason for wanting to quit on things that have absolutely nothing to do with whether they like playing or not.   Things like where they are seated, wanting to try a different instrument but afraid to say so, fear of playing wrong notes, etc.   The biggest mistake is often assuming a youngster just didn’t like making music which is rarely the case.   Discerning and solving a simple non-musical issue or two often preserves the willingness to continue and lets the child not only learn music, but also an important problem solving skill.   That’s the opposite of a mistake….it’s good parenting.

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