Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Can you Rent-To-Own a Bass Clarinet?

OK, so can you REALLY rent-to-own a Bass Clarinet?

The bass clarinet is usually a school owned, school provided instrument.  At RentMYInstrument you can rent to own a Bass Clarinet.  If you already play or own the traditional Bb clairnet and would like to add a new "Voice" and sound to your collection consider a bass clarinet. Or, if you don't want to lug home that old instrument from school check out RentMYInstrument.com.

RentMYInstrument.com offers the Jupiter model 675N-C at a very affordable rate.  Features include: ABS Resin body with adjustable Floor Peg, inline trill keys, adjustable thumb rest, undercut tone holes, forged nickel silver keys, low Eb on body, leather pads, in a one section wood frame case.  Free UPS shipping directly to your front door.

The bass clarinet is not just for concert band use but is a great solo instrument and can be featured  in a number of Jazz Music Ensemble  arrangements.

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