Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Drums: Why do I need all that stuff?


When there’s a child in the home who wants to play drums parents often ask band directors why they need a beginner drum kit that has so much stuff in it.  It’s because the student is going to be taught to be a percussionist, not just play on a drum.   Most beginning band programs teach keyboard percussion (xylophone or marimba) in conjunction with rudimentary drumming techniques.  These percussion mallet (as opposed to drum sticks) techniques are also utilized on other percussion instruments, i.e., timpani, vibes, chimes, and other tonal percussion instruments.   Depending on how your school teaches percussion dictates what equipment you will need.   Typical beginner drum kits include a snare drum, snare drum stand, drum sticks, xylophone, xylophone stand, xylophone mallets, a tunable practice pad (much quieter than the snare drum), and a storage/travel bag on rollers. These kits are manufactured with all or just some of these components and are offered thru instrument rental program. 

http://www.rentmyinstrument.com/drumandbell to see 3 great brands, Mapex, Ludwig, & Pearl with their drum kit roller bag combos. 


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