Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Should I buy a music stand or not?

I have RentMYInstrument parents always ask what extra things do I really need to purchase for my beginning band student.  The most obvious item is the recommended book by the band director.  But one other item that really must be considered is a folding music stand.  Now, if you have a traditional piano, the flute or clarinet student could possibly  sit on the piano bench and practice their instrument, but the trumpet and trombone really need a music stand. Music stands promote good posture and playing position.  Also, after you get the  music stand leave it  set up to help remind the student to practice which leads to further success.  I did have a student who tried to "prop" up his music book on his bed pillows and ended up playing his trumpet out the side of his mouth.  BUY A STAND!!!

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