Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What age should we purchase a better quality instrument for a young student?

Parents often ponder when is the best time to purchase a better quality instrument for a young student who obviously enjoys learning an instrument.  The question is posed frequently as “what age should this occur?”  Logically, it is more important to consider experience, ability, and commitment.   Typically, many beginners with only 2 years of playing experience acquire enough skill to justify trading in beginner level instruments for step up instruments which are generally considered as intermediate or pro level instruments.   Often, rent to own beginner instruments will retain trade value towards a better quality instrument.   When the skills are present and the commitment to continue learning and playing are present, then parents should know that improving the quality of the instrument will unquestionably help young musicians continue to advance. This video should help explain how easy transitioning to a step up instrument can be with www.RentMYinstrument.com This way you can still pay month to month and if you're currently renting an instrument from us, you can apply a portion of the equity on your current instrument towards the step up or intermediate instrument.

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