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Rent a Trumpet: 2 great band director approved Trumpets for Beginning Band

Trumpet rentals with all include
a trumpet, case, mouthpiece and valve oil

2 Great Student Trumpets to consider for Beginning Band

The Beginning Band instruments generally include a Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone and a Saxophone. When a student has decided they want to play on a trumpet, a handful of next questions arise: Where do I go to get a trumpet? What brand of trumpet should I be playing on? Should I rent or buy my trumpet?

Your Band Director is often going to be the best resource for you to speak to regarding these questions, however, at we have had thousands of band directors weigh in on exactly these questions.

Should you rent or buy a trumpet?
This is a question that isn’t just an economic and financial question for families, but also an accountability and commitment question. A student’s interest and commitment to their interest is one of the first and foremost indicators to gauge. If a student has an older sibling who plays an instrument, the younger sibling will have seen and heard all the time that it takes to play an instrument. When a student understands how much time and effort playing in the school band will be, this could be an indicator that they’ll be playing for a long time and “stick with it.” Occasionally students start with being interested in one instrument, and then change their mind and want to switch. For a parent, this could be a costly change, however, if you’re renting an instrument with, the instrument can be exchanged in case they want to stop playing the trumpet and switch to the trombone, or the saxophone.

What brand of Trumpet should I be playing on?
Band Directors will be the first to tell you that if you choose time and trusted instrument brands and brand models, you will have a dependable and experience consistent with others who have also played on these brands and models. This is where the phrase “Band Director Approved” comes from. Band Directors will have horror stories of times when a student brought in something they found on craigslist, or ebay, and parents quickly learn that there is a lot of repair work needed for the instrument they originally thought was a good deal. Some internet websites, including, showcase brands you’ve never heard of before, which may be rejected by a band director. Some of these random brands might play strange, have bad tone quality, or just not have parts the move the right way. At we only use the brands that band directors approve of and prefer.

Let’s look at two Band Director approved student trumpets for beginning band:

Jupiter Student Trumpet


Brand: B.A.C Best American Craftsman Student Trumpet


Both of these trumpets can be found at

If you’re looking for a dependable instrument at the most affordable price, offers not only the band director approved models, but the best program to rent a trumpet nationwide. This trumpet rental program includes’s famous 50% off early purchase program, which means that at any time you’re renting an instrument from us, you can buy that instrument for 50% off what you owe on it. Typical music stores offer a 10-20% discount, and might try to appear lower cost on a monthly basis, but there are often hidden fees and long term commitment obligations with other companies. To check out and compare trumpet rental programs, click here:
At all Trumpet rentals include the Trumpet, a trumpet case, a trumpet mouthpiece, and valve oil (see photo below)

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