Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Top 25 Band Geek Posts: Best of School Band Memes, Band Humor, Band T Shirts, & Band Problems

Back to School means Beginning Band is back in full swing. For some, they are just days away from trying out for the school band or orchestra and looking for a good deal on instrument rentals. For others, they’re getting back together with friends they’ve been playing with for a few years. Band Directors are learning new names, students are practicing (supposed to be) at home, and group music begins sounding better day by day. Playing a musical instrument and the bonds made from playing together in a school band, orchestra or marching band creates lots of inside jokes. From a SpongeBob band Meme, to a classic reference to the importance of a water break for a marching band, band humor is one of the most viral aspects of the school band on the internet.
Top 25 Band Memes, Jokes, & Band Humor photos
We've taken some of our most liked and shared facebook page posts as well as added a few of the most shared posts from around the internet to compile this list. Making the list are posts that use meme generators, someecards, t-shirt sites, or other generators. Let us know which one's are missing from the top 25.



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