Monday, August 26, 2013

Where parents save the Most Money on School Band Rental

Where Parents Save the Most Money on School Band Rental

There are dozens of places you can find an instrument to rent, however, very few programs truly put the consumer first. Due to the volume of instruments rented nationwide, is a volume discount outlet, passing on savings to the consumer. School band rental is one of the vast markets where’s customers come from. Kids, usually in 4th, 5th, or 6th grade are the age groups where schools start their first beginning band, beginning orchestra or jazz band program. Many students who live in a good size city generally have one or more music stores that might rent instruments. Many parents who rent instruments, are doing it for the first time and that puts them at a disadvantage.

If you went to Enterprise-Rent-A-Car, you probably wouldn’t be too excited if you paid full price rent for a car, if it was a 1981 station wagon. Even though the car might drive, it has the wear and tear of a 30+ year old car. Likewise, many outlets that rent instruments reply on an old pool of instruments to make their money. It makes sense, if you want to make a lot of money, keep renting the same instrument year in and year out ---THEN came onto the scene 4 years ago, and decided rent instruments with the musician in mind, and the parent’s pocket book in mind. While some stores don’t offer a rent-to-own plan, automatically includes this rent-to-own plan into action when you rent an instrument. Not only can you rent month to month without long minimum contracts like some stores, provides a 50% discount at any time which can save parents hundreds if not thousands of dollars. has customers all over the United States, with endorsements from band directors and professional musicians. These happy customers remind us that we’re doing our job, and is reflected in reviews.

Curious if is the best program? If you’re looking somewhere else, use the Compare and Save feature located on our website and see for yourself. We’re 100% transparent, never hiding fees, and never renting 30 year old instruments!

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